Giving this writing thing another try

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything on this platform, and there is good reason: I’ve sold my house, moved to a cheaper state, and been involved in minor hobbies like raising three kids. I’m not making any money of this, so, throw it on the back burner. Makes sense right? So why am I back now?

  1. Random likes on Facebook
    Thank you random people who’ve discovered my Facebook page and decided to like it. Now I have a new audience! I’m not sure how you found me or what on my page appealed to you, but if you have a few bucks, feel free to send something my way (keep reading).
  2. Random deposits to my account
    My wife and I happily surprised to find a several thousand dollar bank transfer in our account. Of course, we did nothing to deserve it.  Apparently it was accidental transfer from a company I did consulting for in the past. I’m currently trying to get them back their money, although I should probably get paid for consulting them on the matter. My wife would be thrilled to lose less money than what we were not supposed to get in the first place.
  3. Random traces of entertainment nowadays
    TV stinks, can we all agree on that? I couldn’t get by without Netflix – ok, I could, but then who would babysit my kids? You would probably agree, there’s too much trash on TV, with of course the exception we can all agree on: insurance commercials. They keep thinking of more hysterical ways to get me to pay for insurance that I’m always wondering if I actually need. In any event, I’ll pay it, provided I have money to do so.
  4. Random events in my life
    We had that weird in-between of living in my parents’ house after we sold our house and being not ready to move to our new state. We dealt with having seven people in one house sharing one bathroom (not sure if I would be considered homeless during that period of time), a flood totaled each of my parents’ cars and while my car was deeper in the flood, it’s still being worked on. Seems like my insurance company likes giving away money. I wouldn’t mind, getting several thousand dollars to my account for, um, consulting.

Bottom line, I find the randomness in my life to be a reason to start writing yet again…that and trying to consolidate platforms I’ve used in the past (NOW ON WORDPRESS for now). Thanks for tuning in!


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