It’s been busy

Look at that fool. Five screens, two computers, two laptops,
a label maker, on the phone, wearing shades inside. He looks busy and stupid.
Who works like that? Well, I’m that fool. Yep, it’s been busy.

I apologize for the long delay between posts, it’s not due
to lack of interest on my part. This is my busy time at work. I then am so
tired at home, that I can’t catch up with some things. Priorities man,

My religion is the most important thing in my
life and we had a convention not long ago that was three days long.

My kids are getting prepped for school but also
have fun doing what they are doing; mostly swimming.

Work is work now. Gotta make the donuts yo.

So I have fifteen minutes to write five hundred words so
that you all don’t forget about me. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you.
Thanks for tuning in.

So what’s new? How’s the wife and kids? Really? Interesting.
Well, my turn. I think we are close to a nickname for my daughter. It takes a
while to develop a personality that makes you say, “Hey, that’s my kid, the _“ (not
an expletive). Well, she’s getting that personality. Yep, that’s my daughter:
Miss Personality.

No that’s not sarcasm. I think a fifteen month old that
enjoys dress up has personality. She has my wife put on a dress, she smiles,
goes to the mirror and admires herself and is impressed with how she looks. A
little girl that when she’s told, “Hey, please keep quiet!” – she goes and
makes a kissing noise “muah” and tries to draw your attention away from her being
reprimanded. I admire her effort. She’s no one’s fool. Oh yeah, I’m a fool
remember? It’s been busy.

So the little girl is developing that personality, Junior is
still the same, and the Comedian well, still makes me laugh with his accent. He
hasn’t lost the, well, I’m not sure what accent it is but it’s not from Lawn

The Enchroma glasses as a side note are working great – and not
just for me. I had a few people that I know are colorblind try it and they were
like “WOW!” They do work, I still highly recommend them. My wife Mujer however
can’t stand them. She hates the frames, hates the tint of the glasses, and I
believe as well that she hates that I can dress myself now. She’s yells at me
and I go “muah”. She doesn’t fall for it either.

So that’s where I’ve been. Time to get back to work. See you
hopefully next week.