City of Light Bulbs Fantasy Draft Recap

The kids got me sick again. That’s an aside. We had our
fantasy draft last Sunday and here’s the recap and as you can see, I WON THE
DRAFT (cause All I do is Win)!!


The league link is here:

If you recall my love song for fantasy football (and if you
don’t, I’m sorry I brought it back to your memory) we play in a ridiculous
league with the following settings:

One QB, one RB, two WR, one TE, one W/R, one Q/R/W/T (up
from R/W/T from last year), a K, a DEF,
and um, 3 DL, 3 LB, 4 DB and a flex DP for fun.

Extra scoring changes are points for completion
differential, bonus points for X amount of yards, IDP scoring, etc.

We were allowed to keep 5 players with the following
restrictions: you can keep only one QB, RB, TE, DEF, K and nor more than two
RB, WR, DL, LB, DB. So I had the following going into the draft:

QB – Russell Wilson

RB – Le’veon Bell

WR – Randall Cobb

WR – Kelvin Benjamin (was locked two weeks before he was out
for the season with an ACL

DL – J.J. Watt

I let go of Brees and Lynch, as I decided to go young. Plus
I figured I had a good chance of getting Brees back into that Q/R/W/T spot as
my only competition was picking behind me. So round 6 (first 5 are keeper
rounds) went like this:

1 – Marshawn Lynch, 2 – Jamaal Charles, 3 – Antonio Brown, 4
– Jason Pierre-Paul (name of this team is Hashtag Not Even Trying), 5 – Julio Jones,
6 – Lamar Miller, 7 – Mike Evans, 8 – Eli Manning

(Uh oh, did someone else figure out that QBs were vital and
needed to be grabbed quickly? Eli was my third QB. Please don’t pick Brees at

9 – Justin Forsett

WOOHOO!! I have Brees!!

11 – Julian Edelman, 12 – Leonard Williams (complete error
on the part of this owner)

Matt Ryan goes before me in the 7th round (which
was my 2nd QB on my list). I needed to shore up my WR core which
featured Kelvin Benjamin who is out for the season so I went Brandin Cooks.
Mostly RBs go next (which I could use for just two weeks as Bell is out for two
games on suspension – STOP SMOKING WEED!!) So round 8 I went for the hype train
of Ameer Abdullah. I only need two weeks.

I started swapping picks for IDPs and offensive players and
went for Luke Kuechly at Round 9. After picking up Agholor in round 13, I went
IDP nearly every pick (because I had to) up until round 22. I was able to snag
Kyle Rudolph, Doug Martin, Alfred Blue and Davante Adams (Jordy Nelson went
down with an ACL earlier that day). I finished the draft in round 30 with a K.

My starting 7 on offense will be:

QB – Russell Wilson

RB – Le’Veon Bell

WR – Randall Cobb

WR – Brandin Cooks

TE – Either Rudolph or Ertz

W/R – Nelson Agholor

Q/R/W/T – Drew Brees

My starting 11 on defense will be:

DL – Jurrell Casey, Robert Quinn, J.J. Watt

LB – Justin Houston, Derrick Johnson, Luke Kuechly

DB – Johnathan Cyprien, Eric Reid, Kyle Fuller, Deone

DP – Khalil Mack

So I’ll need lots of sacks and J.J., don’t let them take you
out of Red Zone opportunities this season.

So my offense may not be the greatest besides my QBs and RB,
but I will win games on D. As the my projections say, I’ll win them all. All I
do is win.