You’re not as smart as the next guy

Today something amazing happened. One of our
interns walked in with a Rubik’s cube and showed off some skill:

No, we didn’t tie his hand behind his back; I think that may be
considered hazing and it is probably against the law to do that to an intern.
Still, it shows some smarts to be able to pull that off in that amount of time.
I think I should tell my kids to play less video games and give them Rubik’s
cubes and tell them go wild! My daughter though may figure out a way to eat it.

It’s important to know that people are smarter than you are. I’m not
dumb, mind you, I graduated high school at 16, college at 19, and if I cared
about G.P.A.s and the like, I would have done better than a 3.8. If I didn’t
like a teacher (I’m talking to you English, Physics and Philosophy professors
out there), I never cared to do well in that class. Still, my I.Q. rivals
Madonna’s (believe it or not, she’s pretty smart) and I beat nearly everyone in
Trivia Crack (because that proves that you are smarter than other people).

But in reality, I’m not Mensa, nor a Rhodes scholar, nor am I smart
enough to solve a Rubik’s cube without watching a YouTube video. But
recognizing that makes you smarter, or maybe wiser than most. I hereby channel
my inner Yogi Berra: I know enough to
know that I don’t know enough.
Knowing that gives you an advantage. I’m not
saying that you should take advantage of those that may not be the wiser,
although they may be more intelligent; but you should definitely surround
yourself with people that are smart, wise and hopefully humble about it.
Besides me, who really likes to be around a proud person? I admit, for me it’s
just for the entertainment value of it all. I love those wide receivers in
football that do outlandish celebrations after getting a first down; because
who else in the world can do that! Seriously though, I can’t do that, I know
that much; some safety likely comes over the top and knocks my lights out and
the only thing I’ll be able to do is give power of attorney to my wife to sue football
over my head injury. I digress.

Always make better friends than the type of person you are. I had
someone tell me that not too long ago so I can’t take credit for that. But he
helped me to appreciate in order to be able to grow as a person, you can’t
settle for friends that need to rely on you to better themselves – you yourself
need the same thing. So today, it may be that guy that knows algorithms that
solve things like Rubik’s cubes, tomorrow that guy that was smart enough to
develop a computer program that solves it quicker, or next week that computer
that now built another computer that became self-aware and developed the plan
to destroy half of mankind to save it from dooming itself. Be on the side of
that computer. It’s smarter than you are.