There’s other places like home

We moved from NY with two dozen bagels we intended to freeze about a month ago. We arrived to a house we're renting in a new subdivision in the unbelieveably sweltering heat of North Carolina (seriously, 97 degrees at 3a?). We met new folks in our new congregation, moved closer to my sister and some … Continue reading There’s other places like home


The Story Behind the Announcement

Lightbulb: (Directed at cousin #9) “So I was watching this show and dude this was so funny. So..” Mujer: (screaming at cousin #9’s wife who is also coincidentally her best friend) “Ah!! I’m so excited..” Lightbulb: (After realizing he was oblivious to what was going on around him, directs his attention at cousin #9 who never wanted … Continue reading The Story Behind the Announcement