The Story Behind the Announcement

Lightbulb: (Directed at cousin #9) “So I was watching this show and dude this was so funny. So..” 

Mujer: (screaming at cousin #9’s wife who is also coincidentally her best friend) “Ah!! I’m so excited..” 

Lightbulb: (After realizing he was oblivious to what was going on around him, directs his attention at cousin #9 who never wanted kids) “Y’all ain’t pre’nant is ya?”

Sure enough, they were, or she was, you know what I mean. My cousin and his wife were having a baby. We were visiting family down south and got some of the grandkids together and somehow managed to get all eight of the great-grandkids in our close-knit family together.

(Breakdown: Cousin #3 had two girls, then I, #2, had two boys – Junior and the Comedian. Three days after the Comedian was born, #8 cousin had her son, then my sister #6 had her boy. We next had the Brat, and #15 – the youngest had his son, making that 3 girls and 5 boys – 8 in total.) 

We had a good time. Then the news: “new baby on the way!” Make it nine. But how do you relate to the family when you get back this news? I say, in spectacular fashion! 


We prepped by not just having the 8 kids in a picture we didn’t post on social media, but add the belly of the new mom. We then had another cousin (#13) make a video. We struggled but managed to get all of our cousins (which ended up being #4,7,10,12 and 14) and select friends that are up here together with news that Mujer and I had to share. Then..:

OK, so it wasn’t our news, the misdirection worked. As you see from the video, one of my cousins (#7) was absolutely convinced that her brother and sister-in-law – who didn’t want children – was not the one in the video with the older great-grandkids. This was despite the appearance of her sister-in-law’s family (her sister, twin nephews and her brother “Chalupa” who was pointed out by cousin #14) being there. Other friends were as well confused because they were present and their seemingly only ties to the family was not my skinny cousin #3 down south but my skinny cousin-in-law here (is that a thing – cousin-in-law?). 

So #9 broke the news. He obviously was not “shooting blanks” as he once thought and apparently confessed to cousin #10. Great grand-kid number nine (or potentially nine and ten – twins run strong in that family), was on the way.

(Breakdown of cousins in case you made this far and were confused by the numbering: so eldest Uncle had kids #1,3,8,10 and 15; next Mother of Light had me #2, and #6; uncle that displaced my mom as the youngest for less than a year had #4,7,9,12 and 14; and finally, youngest uncle had #5,11 and 13. Girls are #1,3,5-8,13 and boys were #2,4,9-12,14,15. This all happened in a period of 10 years. #1-3,8-10 and 15 are married to either African-American men or Latina wives with the exception of #15, because I don’t know what race she is. This has been fun).

Everyone was happy, #12 was crying and we had multiple videos of the whole thing that I couldn’t stop watching and had to put together from every angle possible. Hopefully you couldn’t either and now you know the back story. I’m glad I can finally break the news to whomever watches this stuff. Stay close everyone and I hope to get all nine or ten great-grandkids together in another picture in the near future.