I Love Fantasy Football

The video was on top today for a couple of reasons: 1) it was my best work so far and I wanted people to at least watch that and not have to read to some point in an article they found boring anyway in order to get to it and 2) it sets the tone. Plus I already have more views on this one video than all my others and I want it stuck in your head so that you will share it on Social Media (please) and download it (direct YouTube link is: https://youtu.be/GnaSO1aVw-4). Now to the story:

I belong to a silly Fantasy Football league as it is. In fact, I’m its commissioner. A little bit of history is needed here:

In 2011 we started a suicide pool with a weird rule where you never died. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Then we decided in 2012 just to dive right into fantasy football. Here is a link to our league:


The ability to make custom rules with the league was there so we did – but, it went too far:

Cousin #1: Hey, we can do bonuses, what about 100 yard runner or receiver?

Lightbulb: 25 points sounds fair.

Cousin #2: I agree, what about passing for 400 yards?

Lightbulb: Well if you divide by 10, that’s 40, so sound good?

Cousin #1: Yes, but we should do defense by yards right? How many points if you keep them under 100 yards?

Cousin #2: 100 points?

Lightbulb: YES!! I like what we’re doing here. Hey we can have a roster of up to 40 players, what do you think, IDPs? Just one starter? Maybe 4; a DL, LB, DB and a flex?

Cousin #1: In our league, it should go to 11.


I know what you’re thinking and no, we were sober at the time. We were just novices that had too much power to make changes to a league and did not know what to do with it. It was fun compared to the standard league I was in; maybe this was due to me wiping the floor with everyone and winning the championship that first year. I did have Drew Brees, Marshawn Lynch, both Denver receivers and Alfred Morris, who gave me a 50 point bonus just by running for 200 yards in Week 17 for the championship (I failed to mention this, we play for the entire season). I fell in love with fantasy football.

Our league is still crazy but we’ve dialed it down a tad (Check our history and you’ll see). Here is our fundamental ideas:

QBs should have their stats determined similar to their QB rating. If you don’t know the QB rating formula, see here for the formula (let me know when your head stops spinning): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passer_rating

Basically, in our league, we take the differential of completions and incompletions and give a 1 point for the difference, TDs are 4, INTs -4, 1 point for each 25 yards, 8 point bonus for 300 yard game and 12 for 400. My head is spinning.

We play PPR (point per reception – I don’t know why I just did that, if you’re reading to this point, you know what that is), and standard running and receiver rules except 6 points for 100 yard games and 12 for 200.

Kickers receive points based on yardage, DEF only gets points for yards allowed, points allowed, TDs and safeties, there’s special teams yardage for extra bonuses, and IDPs are fun. You can check the settings page on our league page and get more info.

I know most Fantasy Experts would cringe at the sight of our league, point fingers at us, laugh and shun us like we had leprosy – but there’s nothing like that INT to take your opponent down or that 1 yard push by your RB to take you over 100 yards. (Please, no stat corrections!) I play usually in a standard league each year and do just as well; in fact, I’ve won a championship in each league each year I’ve played. Yes, all I do is win – no matter what. Guess what my team name is currently.

This year, I’m just in one league but I’ll join another if someone will have me. Be prepared to lose though, considering I love fantasy football so much, I wrote a stupid song about it – that will be available at your favorite download spot on June 30th 2015. Download it.