No More Pencils

School’s over. I remember how excited I was when that would happen. I mean, who wants to go to school right? I could say the same about work now that I’m in my thirties but no one will give me a summer break now. I think now that I’m older, I deserve two months off. … Continue reading No More Pencils


I Love Fantasy Football

The video was on top today for a couple of reasons: 1) it was my best work so far and I wanted people to at least watch that and not have to read to some point in an article they found boring anyway in order to get to it and 2) it sets the tone. … Continue reading I Love Fantasy Football


I’m probably the only one of my readers (that’s right, I read my own posts) to see that two episode cartoon series on ABC, Clerks. Yep, all six episodes (they cancelled a six episode show after two episodes – oh, and message to networks [PREACH ALERT]: don’t get involved in trying to micro-manage a show … Continue reading Flashback