No More Pencils

School’s over. I remember how excited I was when that would happen. I mean, who wants to go to school right? I could say the same about work now that I’m in my thirties but no one will give me a summer break now. I think now that I’m older, I deserve two months off. Summer Vacation is wasted on the young.


My boys are happy though, because again, who really likes school? Of all the things Junior liked about school (mostly athletic activities), learning was last on the list. But then again, we’re all still learning – at least I know I am.

I’m still trying to figure out this whole reinvention thing and how to go about it and that’s where the learning starts. I am marketing myself and I suppose that is working, after all, close to 500 views on a moronic music video in a week’s time is a start. But I didn’t have the reach that I thought I had – somewhere long past family and close friends. I realize now that I’ll have to keep fertilizing that strange fly eating plant that I’ve decided to grow. That means, of course, more 500 plus word essays, some videos to make you mildly chuckle, and hopefully a song that will stick in your head long enough for you to be willing to buy it off an online music service of some kind. So, I’ll have to still break out those pencils, (or this keyboard – that was supposed to be some sort of metaphor or whatever the term is that I didn’t pay enough attention to in English class to learn about, and I ruined it).

So what truly is my brand? I’m still figuring that out. I want each week to tell some humorous story about my kids, like when we went on a mini vacation last week with the kids and the Comedian was so excited to see an actual train that was modeled after Thomas the train:

Mujer: C’mon, let’s get ready

Comedian: (changing from his pajamas) OK, but I don’t want Thomas to see me like this.

The fact is life isn’t always funny and it’s a struggle sometimes just to stay afloat in any number of situations. So I guess, despite my self-imposed 6-7 day deadlines for stories, that some of these may not be as interesting as one would like. But I do know that this is how I want to reinvent myself, I just need to figure out how to attract flies to this plant I’m setting up. Hopefully though, this article is not your first experience with Reinvent the Lightbulb; I recommend starting with the Pilot.

Part of my brand will include short slightly humorous videos about things that interest me and will interest others enough to draw people here, or maybe here to there, or both – both would work. But at least you are here now, reading these stories. Maybe that’s all there is to it – just tell stories, take advantage of the web tools I have available to draw you and keep you here in my fly trap (maniacal laugh), and hope that this will somehow work for myself and my family. We could use the vacation, or at least the opportunity to enjoy making fools of ourselves for your entertainment. That can be enough of a vacation I guess, at least until the kids go back to school. Maybe then, the kids will see that the learning never ends.