I’m probably the only one of my readers (that’s right, I read my own posts) to see that two episode cartoon series on ABC, Clerks. Yep, all six episodes (they cancelled a six episode show after two episodes – oh, and message to networks [PREACH ALERT]: don’t get involved in trying to micro-manage a show to the point where it makes no sense because the episodes are out of order; that’s what ruined Firefly). I seriously digress. If you did watch the show, 1) you’re awesome and 2) you’ll remember the second episode was your classic flashback episode… back to the only other episode that was drawn together at that time but never aired (instead, let’s air the fourth episode first). It was a funny concept and all – if the episodes actually ran in order. This apparently still makes me upset.

The point of the story is, most shows do a flashback episode, because they have little story to tell and need a bunch of filler (I don’t want to hear that it’ll further the plot – writing a new story will do the same). Well, to all my readers, welcome to the flashback post. Hope you’ve been reading in order.

I need a flashback post simply because I have projects I’m putting together for this that aren’t yet ready, because I’m waiting on people’s schedules and my color vision deficiency glasses. That’ll hopefully be in a couple of weeks. I also really couldn’t do a video this week as we had plans and Mujer feels that we’ve done too many videos already. She also laughs when they are done, so I don’t know what exactly to think there. I’m interested in your viewpoint people, so feel free to comment below. I’d like to know what you’ve enjoyed so far about this and what you could feel could be done better. I have demographic info that indicates you are probably 18-34 or older and are either male or female, so I think I’m covered there. I also know my family reads this and likes it, so I’m happy about that (I told you they would support me on this).

What has been helpful to me in all this is that it gives an opportunity to remember better all things that have occured in my life, like that time the Comedian asked for water, or the time my wife told me I’m not Dominican, or even that time I vomited opening a mayonnaise jar. Good times. I can’t believe what we looked like back then. Honestly though, I wish I started this sooner – I’d have a better record of my kids’ stories and what I’ve enjoyed to this point about their lives.

I, at least, am having fun doing this, and I hope you enjoy reading it. This post you can hate though, I would completely understand. OK, I’ll throw you a bone: why I call the middle child the Comedian. It has to do with him displaying his sense of humor at a young age as you can see below (I shared the clip earlier this week on Instagram and the whole video with my annoying intro on YouTube):

That’s when I knew he was the lost Marx great-grandchild. He may be shy in a group, but give it time – he’ll have them all rolling. I should include Junior in this more often as well, but that may be due to him being so extraverted. I envy him in that way I suppose. But let’s face it, those two were the stars of the show last video, asking politely for mayonnaise on a sandwich. It was fun overlaying the audio on top of itself, so that it was annoying them asking “please”. Also the fake sweat drop was fun (you did notice that right?).

My sister asked me if doing this was therapeutic and I say it has been for me. I can’t promise though I won’t do another filler post, but I hope you do like what I’ve been doing so far and if so, please please please please share on your favorite social network. And if you’re awesome, you would have found the easter egg in this post.