EnChroma Glasses Arrive

I finally got them. And they are awesome. It’s funny though, you can’t help it when you’re doing your reaction video like the one you are about to see, but do the things they tell you NOT to do (or even what to do):INDOOR LENS IS FOR INDOOR USE ONLYWEAR GLASSES FOR 5-10 HOURS OVER … Continue reading EnChroma Glasses Arrive

Being Colorblind

Mother of Light: Lightbulb, can you pick up that piece of lint.Lightbulb: What piece of lint?Mother of Light: The one right there!!Lightbulb: Where?Mother of Light: THERE!!Lightbulb: Oh, I see it now. Sorry it was almost the same color.Mother of Light: (sighs) Oh dear.Remember that grandfather of mine, the glue that kept of together? I forgot … Continue reading Being Colorblind

My close-knit family

On my mom’s side, there are fifteen grandkids born over a period of ten years: my eldest uncle has five, my mom two, and five and three by my other uncles. Sometimes you have those cousins that live out of state that you love to see, but are not oh so close to because of … Continue reading My close-knit family