The Gag Reflex

I dedicate this post to friends of ours that recently had a new baby, their second child. We went to see them, compared pictures between their oldest and the newborn, and it was unbelievable how similar the kids looked when they were the same age. But I’m here to tell you, that’s likely where the similarities will end.

If you’ve been reading, I’ve been using nicknames for my kids, Lightbulb, Jr., the Comedian, and a little girl to be named later (that’s a baseball joke if you haven’t caught on). It was interesting the connection my wife had with our firstborn, when he was crying and screaming after birth, the doctors and nurses trying to console him; but he didn’t stop until he was briefly cheek to cheek with my wife (who couldn’t hold him at that moment). It was one of the most amazing moments I’ve ever witnessed. I couldn’t believe the instant connection there was between my wife and Junior. Why? Because I didn’t have that, not for a while. He was baby that cried all the time. ALL THE TIME!! Non-stop. No connection. Not then.

I think for most men, you don’t feel that loving feeling until you see some of their personality. Sure, you’ll protect them from anything, sacrifice your life and limbs – but it’s not until you see them for who they are, that you feel that love. I could be alone in this, but probably not.

I started to feel it for my oldest when he started to be excited to see me, calling me Daddy (he was very verbal at a young age). He also had the most maniacal laugh. He exhibited several of my personality traits and everyone said he looked exactly like me. The youngest, she recently started giving me kisses on the cheek, usually when she wants something, like for me to stop being that tough dad that wants his kids not to make a scene in public. The Comedian was a whole different story:

He was a little over a year, and different from Junior in that he wasn’t verbal at the time. I was sick as a dog and was puking every last bit of brain, and he was concerned. And that’s when we connected:

Lightbulb: (retch) Oh, I can’t stand this, (retch)

Mujer: You OK?

Lightbulb: Nope, this isn’t going well (retch)

Then the Comedian walks by:

Comedian: (RETCH)

Lightbulb: GET HIM OUT OF HERE!! (mildly amused but still vomiting)

Mujer: (hysterically laughing) Son, let’s go. Daddy’s sick.

Lightbulb: (taking a breath) OK, whew.. (pause then retch some more)

The Comedian comes running back to see if I was OK:

Comedian: (RETCH)

That’s when the love happened, yes, with his gag reflex at that young an age. (By the way, two things, 1 – I think that’s how the conversation went but the retching is real, and 2 – that’s not why I call him the Comedian, in case you were wondering). So, friends of ours that recently had a new baby, keep this in mind: love those little kids, sacrifice life and limb for them, and finally, if father of that new baby, your child develops a gag reflex, hopefully you’ll find that connection and won’t vomit in the process as well.

A note on this video: It’s very silly and has a very loose connection to the story. And the reaction was real.