I’m so sick

If you’re a parent (aside:
had a friend post that she knew the difference between your and you’re which is
great until you start writing a blog and no matter how often you proofread, you
always later find a mistake in you’re writing after posting), you know one of the worst parts is
when they get sick. I’m talking flu, cold, fever, weird allergies to cherries,
that sort of thing. Sure you feel bad when they’re sick and wish that it was
you instead of them; then of course you get sick and wish for death instead,
but I think I’m getting off topic.

My poor little ones, the Comedian (4 years old) and the
little girl to be named later (1 year, by the way, the name Brat is currently
in the lead as of late), had Coxsackievirus (which I’m always afraid to say out
loud and I purposefully mispronounce it). If you’ve never heard of it, Group A of
the virus infects the skin and mucous membranes, causing herpangina (sores in
your throat), acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (pink eye), and HFM (hand, foot,
mouth) disease, besides an accompanying fever. Bottom line, you should wash
your hands, especially after using the bathroom. In fact, wash your hands now,
I’ll wait.

You didn’t do it, did you? Oh well, if you get sick, don’t
blame me. In any event, the kids took ill – first the little girl with fevers
and not able to take in any food and then the Comedian got it. I don’t have any
witty repartee here as nobody was laughing. The poor kid screamed all day long
and at night, barely slept initially and forget drinking a lot a lot of water
(if you’re relatively new to these posts – the Pilot is a good place to start,
so check the Archives). At least he enjoyed a lot of Slurpees and ice cream.
Still, it shows that being sick is no picnic and you shouldn’t wish something
like that on your worst enemy.

I myself should probably take in more Vitamin C as whatever
the kids get manages to get passed over to me, which is always fun to deal
with. In fact, after a week of working the job I’m currently at, I got
ridiculously sick and was out for several days (of course with no sick time)
and the kids were to blame, since they had it first. Way to make a first
impression, right? It could be worse I guess, since I still work there and like
it a lot, but again, getting off topic.

I’ve never really been a germophobe, so when we first had
kids, we always said to whomever wanted to hold the baby: “TAKE HIM!” and we’d
run like Bonnie and Clyde from the law (if you’ve had a baby that suffered from
colic, you understand). Of course we’d come back, because we loved Junior, but
advice to new parents: take a break when
it is offered to you
. Yes, most people have held a baby before and have had
success doing it. However, if you want them to wash their hands before doing
so, I won’t blame you; Coxsackievirus (and others like it) is no fun and you
rather enjoy their adorable faces instead of this:

What am I saying? They’re still adorable – just don’t get me